barcodes. why do I need one?


because it's Code out there.


If you plan on wholesaling, distributing or getting any kind of help to sell, manage or store your product, you probably already know that it's code out there to have one — a barcode, that is. Any retailer using inventory management software, cash registers or other digital point-of-sale (POS) systems — which is pretty much every retailer — requires a barcode on each item sold. Oh, and fulfillment services like Amazon won't answer the door unless you're sporting a barcode. Not to mention that each product variant (including different sizes or formats) needs its own unique barcode.

The good news is, barcodes not only give you professional credibility, they also make it easier to track inventory seamlessly across your website.

The bottom line: it's code out there for a product to have a barcode, so… bundle up and enjoy great prices with!



As crowdfunders, we know that almost everything we sell requires a barcode. But we've had a really hard time finding authentic barcodes for our new products. We decided to track them down, test them and make them available to other inventors, crowdfunders, product developers — and anyone else who needs "code comfort"!

Each barcode we sell is provided in both the UPC-A (12 digit) and EAN-13 (13 digit) formats.